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Window Vac

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  1. WV Replacement charger plug

    WV Replacement charger plug

    Replacement charger for your Kärcher window vacuum. This replacement charger is suitable for all models of Kärcher window vacuums.Learn More

  2. Pull-off lip, wide

    Pull-off lip, wide

    KARCHER Pack Of 2 Pull Off Lip 280mm order no. 2.633-005.0Learn More

  3. Pull-off lip, narrow

    Pull-off lip, narrow

    KARCHER Pack Of 2 Pull Off Lip 170mm order no. 2.633-104.0Learn More

  4. Suction nozzle, 170 mm

    Suction nozzle, 170 mm

    KARCHER WV 50 Narrow Suction Nozzle Head 170mm order no. 2.633-002Learn More

  5. Window vac spray bottle

    Kärcher WV Spray bottle kit

    Kärcher Window Vac Spray bottle kit is perfect for applying detergent and agitating dirt on your surface before using your Kärcher window vac.Learn More

  6. Hip bag WV

    Hip bag WV

    KARCHER WV 50 Waist Bag order no. 2.633-006.0Learn More

  7. Window Vac Extension Pole

    Window Vac extension pole

    The Kärcher Window Vac extension pole is compatible with any model of Window Vac, allowing you to clean high windows and hard to reach areas.Learn More

  8. WV5 Charging station and battery

    WV5 Charging station and battery

    The Kärcher WV5 charging station and replacement battery allows you to keep your window vac 5 and a spare battery charged.Learn More

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